On The other day, I bumped into happiness....I decided to proposed her again, she was charming, charismatic, contagious.. that day I couldn't stop but let her go from my life, she went away from me without any complain. I know she'll forgive me and accept me again, I know she definitely will.
I will promised her one thing sure,
 come what may , be in the present moment and accept it.." Devansh stoped his writing and closed his diary, stood to the window, he knew that he will be released today and he look around the wall of his room. He hate the most , he squized his nose and said to the man who stood next to his bed, "Doc why u didn't change the room freshener..... its not smell nice.. the person gave him warm smile and said , " yeah i know.. but good news for you Mr. Devansh, you will be released today, it will be few days more.. you will be absolutely fine soon".. Devansh took a long breath and said to Doctor, "yes, surely doc, I …

Feel the Pain, Accept, Open

A Broken Heart is worst part of the life, a Broken bone' s pain can tolerable but the Broken Heart....!! "No""...
Because we Humans always wanted to control our thoughts, so many "W" running behind our mind
!!Why he/she did this, how could he, no she doesn't and on and on... !!!
we stoped feel the feelings and started to find the answers..we immediately closed the all openness of ours..

Every relationship is like travelling in a empty road;
 as we are going ,the purposes has been changed accordingly.. we always chase the destination ,never try to understand the road which make us reach to our desired places, Devansh curled his hand into a fist and hit the mirror in front of him,immediately the mirror broken into several pieces and in every broken piece has reflected his images, he totally shattered sat on the floor with thud, he ll never thought his life become so clamsy and unmanageable that he can not handle it at all. He felt like Someone had the all audience of his in his hand. Devansh vigorously shook his head with frustration and hidden away his face with his hand.. the water was pour down from his bare body and drained out with blood which flowing  from his wounded hand...


The Last Summer

After the sexual encounter the man asked his leave from her,when the woman smirkedand said, 'don't worry sweetheart, it's not end of your punishment, trust me I just fuck your every happiness.'!! The man's jaws become tighter and sharp he gave a glance to the woman and take his leave.

Devansh Singh Rathod, "the one of the most business talent " written over a very popular business magazine ,He take the magazin and crashed it out, everything was going so smooth and easy in his paradise and now life has slipped down from his hand. As he started climbing stairs to his bedroom he stopped and glance to the adjacent wall, there's several photographs of his achievements and his family and of course Richie 's. Before the picture is going to suck him inside and destroy what is left he dashed off to his room. He stripped himself and went to the washroom, as he stand under the shower and turned the knob on, the hot water cascaded down his…
The Last Summer

I am not coming here to making love with you, I fuck you hard, even more, harder, the man said looking at the woman who lying on the other side of the bed. The woman giggled and said to the man, I know, she pointed towards right side of bed and said in a rasping voice, there few things state your preferences for this night. The man gave a glance towards those things a blindfold, a handcuff, a feather and a butt plug, the woman's  lips stretched into a grin, and said better go with blindfold. The woman with deep voice said don't waste my time, come let's begin the game. The man made the woman blindfolded without wasting a single second, and tuck her hand with handcuff. Second later she felt his hand on her outer thigh and his lips she felt on her inner thigh. The man pinned her hand above her head and after every thrust she lifted her head while moaning loudly,  "Hard please hard, more"!!.
Richie watched everything through the door which was little…
"I don't want to pretend that that night didn't happen. I used to love him, but that was my past Arav, but still your past is your present.I have been seen you to kissed her how could you do this to me.. Yes you are right I am pregnant and this one not belongs from you.But I told you everything, that's not my fault, I am not ashamed of myself, I was not coming in your life for your money or your fame I came because I love you, but you made my feelings like a joke.. you can think that I betrayed you , May be yes or May b Not, but does it really effects you? Take care and bye . Triyi..
after read the letter Arav sit at the near sofa take a long breath. He still can't believe that Triyi not here, Triyi left him..
There will be no end of thinking, its been a year we met and we made up of our very first date, After a month from our first date I shifted with him to his place. I didn't know why; but I couldn't stop myself, I fell for him in each and every second, his cryptic smile,his sparkling eyes, his mischievous nature attracted me so badly that I couldn't stopped myself to fell for him,and make me realised that I am not alone now, he is with heart gives a little skip whenever I found him my close, the more I looked at him the more I found how much he is mine, I never thought I'd one day lieing next to him. When I had seen my and his clothes litters everywhere the floor around the bed after the night, my heart goes ummm.
But someone said the hard truth of life that is ,nothing is forever, our past always leave their marks on our present, may be after a day or week or month or year, never leave us alo…